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  1. Full range of stand-alone bulk handling equipment, from basic low-cost units to automated systems
  2. Lifetime Performance Guarantee*
  3. Separate Project Engineering Division for large-scale bulk handling projects integrating Flexicon equipment with new or existing processes
  4. Manufacturing locations on four continents
  5. Factory-direct sales locations on six continents

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  1. Over 25,000 installations encompassing applications like yours
  2. Free laboratory testing on full-scale equipment simulating customer applications
  3. Ability to comply with sanitary, electrical and safety standards locally, nationally and globally
  4. Free technical assistance with specifications
  5. World leadership in bulk handling technology since 1974

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Flexible Screw Conveyors

Flexible Screw Conveyors

Flexible Screw Conveyors handle virtually any bulk solid material. Depending on model, conveyor tubes can be curved around, over, or under obstructions, and routed through small holes in walls or ceilings. Only one moving part contacts material.

Pneumatic Conveyors

Pneumatic Conveyors

Both positive-pressure and vacuum, dilute phase systems ranging from single-point "up-and-in" installations to cross-plant systems with multiple pick-up and discharge points and automated controls, fully integrated with other Flexicon equipment and new or existing processes.


Tubular Cable Conveyors

Tubular Cable Conveyors gently slide friable bulk materials through smooth stainless steel tubing using low-friction polymer discs attached to stainless steel cable, allowing single or multiple inlets and outlets, and the routing of conveyor tubing horizontally, vertically or at any angle, through small holes in walls or ceilings.

Bulk Bag Dischargers

Bulk Bag Dischargers

Revolutionary design allows fast, easy and dust-free loading, untying, retying and removal of bulk bags. BFF Models feature bag lifting frame for forklift loading. BFC Models feature cantilevered hoist and trolley for loading without a forklift.

BFH Half-Frame Models eliminate upper frame components by relying on forklift or plant hoist.

Bulk Bag Conditioners

Bulk Bag Conditioners

Bulk Bag Conditioners loosen bulk solid materials that have solidified during storage and shipment, enabling bulk bag unloaders to discharge the material through bag spouts.

Available as stand-alone units (shown) or integrated with Bulk Bag Dischargers.


Bag Dumping Stations

Twin cartridge filters with high velocity vacuum fan and reverse-pulse filter cleaning allows continuous, efficient collection of dust when dumping powder and bulk solids from bags, boxes, drums and other containers.

Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk Bag Fillers

Flexicon offers three configurations: patented TWIN-CENTERPOST™ fillers* (shown) for low- to medium-capacity and/or sanitary applications where USDA Dairy standards are required; revolutionary SWING-DOWN® fillers for fast, safe bag connections at floor level; and REAR-POST fillers for applications requiring pass-through conveyors and/or powered fill head height adjustment.

Weigh Batching and Blending Systems

Weigh Batching
and Blending Systems

Complete systems deliver virtually any bulk material from any upstream source, weigh batch and blend single or multiple ingredients, and deliver the batch to any downstream destination automatically.

Drum-Box-Container Dumpers

Drum-Box-Container Dumpers

TIP-TITE® models allow dust-free loading, sealing, tipping and discharging of drums, boxes and other containers.

Open-chute models offer a safe, low-cost method of discharging bulk materials from drums, boxes and other containers when dust containment is not a requirement.

Sanitary Equipment

Sanitary Equipment

Virtually all Flexicon equipment is available constructed and finished to meet food, dairy and pharmaceutical requirements of industry associations and governmental agencies worldwide.

Programmable Controls

Complete Controls and Automation Services

The Flexicon Controls and Automation Department matches state-of-the-art control technologies with Flexicon's full-scale fabrication capabilities.

Engineered Systems

Engineered Systems

Flexicon can custom engineer automated, plant-wide bulk handling and process systems that integrate Flexicon equipment with bulk handling and mechanical process equipment of other manufacturers, whether purchased through Flexicon or by you.



Flexicon Equipment is constructed of carbon steel with a variety of durable industrial finishes, and stainless steel in industrial and food, dairy and pharmaceutical finishes meeting the requirements of your industry and application.




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Whether your bulk material is comprised of large pellets, fine powders or both, flows freely or not at all, has a bulk density of 3 or 300 lbs/cu ft (50 or 5000 kg/cu m), or packs, plugs, cakes, smears, fluidizes, agglomerates, breaks easily or separates, Flexicon has most likely conveyed, fed, discharged, filled, weighed, dumped or otherwise handled it many times before. In fact, moving the most uncooperative bulk materials known to the chemical, paint, food, pharmaceutical and plastics industries has been a Flexicon specialty since 1974.

Examples of Flexicon advances in flow promotion include FLOW-FLEXER® bag activators, POP-TOP™ bag stretching devices, TELE-TUBE® telescoping tubes,

POWER-CINCHER® flow control valves, BEV-CON™ conveyors, high flow hoppers, deaeration/densification decks and a host of other components and accessories that promote flow while reducing degradation, dusting and/or the separation of blends comprised of disparate particles.

The ability to move your material efficiently, together with equipment designs and finishes that meet numerous regional and national codes worldwide for chemical, food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications, enables Flexicon to satisfy virtually every aspect of your bulk handling requirement, regardless of material, industry or location worldwide.



Performance analysis of pneumatic and mechanical bulk handling equipment and systems

Flexicon's worldwide testing facilities simulate full-size customer equipment and systems, verify performance prior to fabrication, demonstrate newly constructed equipment for visiting customers, and study the performance of new designs.

Test lab equipment for pneumatic bulk handling systems includes a comprehensive range of blowers, vacuum pumps, filter receivers, cyclone separators, inlet/discharge adapters and valves, and conveyor lines in a wide range of diameters
and lengths, as well as bulk bag dischargers, bulk bag fillers, manual dumping stations and other equipment designed to interface with pneumatic conveyors.

Mechanical bulk handling test lab equipment includes flexible screw conveyors in a comprehensive range of diameters, lengths and screw configurations, as well as bulk bag dischargers, bulk bag fillers, manual dumping stations and other equipment designed to interface with mechanical conveyors.

Tubular Cable Conveyor Test Lab
Mechanical Conveyor Test Lab
Pneumatic Conveying System Test Lab
Mechanical and Pneumatic Test Lab


Worldwide engineering, testing, manufacturing and field support

Flexicon is an international organization with administrative, engineering and manufacturing capabilities on four continents, and an extensive worldwide network of applications engineers, authorized representatives and field support technicians to serve you—a unique consolidation of bulk handling specialists with hundreds of years of combined experience.

At the local level, this personnel provides the knowledge and resources needed to satisfy the diverse requirements of individual process plants country-by-country, while providing the worldwide infrastructure, long-term vision, stability and single source capability required by multi-national organizations.

An extensive research and development program continually sets new standards

for bulk handling equipment performance with entirely new designs, product improvements and equipment that complies with certifications required by governmental and industry associations for chemical, food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications—both nationally and internationally.

Flexicon's design engineering staff devises efficient solutions to the most unusual problems with highly custom equipment, basing solutions on unique customer requirements, not merely on existing product line offerings. This approach provides each customer with the most efficient solution to his or her individual problem, and endows Flexicon with a depth and breadth of bulk handling experience unequalled by any other comparable manufacturer in the world.

Flexicon building
Flexicon engineers
Flexicon engineers
Flexicon engineers
Flexicon plant
Flexicon plant
Flexicon plant


Flexicon is a privately-held and -operated designer and manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment and systems with manufacturing locations on four continents and world-wide representation.

Growing continually, Flexicon has earned a world-class reputation as a best-in-class organization at all levels, attracting and retaining top talent.

When you join Flexicon, you join a firm backed by a solid history and a commitment to its customers and community.

Flexicon's global headquarters is located in Bethlehem, PA in the heart of the beautiful Lehigh Valley. Long acknowledged as a great place to raise a family, "The Valley" also offers a wide range of dining, entertainment and outdoor activities and is less than 100 miles from both Philadelphia and New York City.

Flexicon's regional manufacturing headquarters are located in Kent, United Kingdom; Queensland, Australia; and Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Other countries are served by factory-direct sales engineering offices strategically located near Flexicon's customer base. Click here to see other Flexicon locations.

Due to consistent growth domestically and internationally, Flexicon continually seeks exceptional candidates to fill a diversity of positions in various locations, and offers competitive salaries with an excellent benefits package including medical, dental and vision, plus a company matched 401K and paid vacation, depending on Flexicon location.

Flexicon departments seeking highly qualified candidates include:

  • Engineering
  • Controls and Electrical
  • Service
  • Production
  • Technical Sales
  • General/administrative

Please send resumes regarding employment at any of Flexicon's worldwide locations to with resume and cover letter in either Microsoft Word format or PDF format.