Mobile Bag Dump System

BETHLEHEM, PA — A new self-contained, dust-free bag dump system introduced by Flexicon Corporation integrates a receiving hopper, dust collector, bag compactor, flexible screw conveyor, and explosion proof electrical system on a caster-mounted frame with hinged operator platform, according to David Gill, president.

The bag-dump-station portion of the system collects dust generated during manual dumping and compaction of bags by means of a high velocity vacuum fan that draws dust away from the operator onto two cartridge filters. An
automatic reverse-pulse filter cleaning system releases short blasts of compressed air inside the filters at timed intervals causing dust build-up on the outer surfaces to fall into the hopper.

An integral bag compactor serves to contain dust remaining on bag surfaces while reducing the frequency of trash disposal.

The fully enclosed, flexible screw conveyor transports material to any number of receiving vessels throughout the plant, dust-free.

"Integrating system components capable of containing dust during dumping and compaction of bags as well as the conveying of dusty materials, addresses issues of plant hygiene more effectively than separate equipment generally can," says Gill, adding, "consolidating the system on one mobile frame with an explosion-proof electrical system allows it to handle flammable as well as hazardous and non-hazardous materials throughout the plant, reducing cost."