Optional Bag Compactors Minimize Waste Volume, Contain Dust

All Flexicon Bag Dump Stations are available with optional Bag Compactors that dramatically reduce the volume of waste while containing dust. A bag infeed chute through the side wall of the hopper hood allows the operator to pass empty bags directly into the bag compactor, causing dust generated from both dumping and compaction to be drawn onto the Bag Dump Station's dual cartridge filters.

The bag compactors employ a large pneumatic air cylinder to compress bags into a removable bin. Lining the bin with plastic bags allows transfer of compacted bags to a waste collection site dust-free.

The main door, and a flapper door within the bag infeed chute, are equipped with safety interlocks that prevent operation of the bag compactor unless both doors are closed.

The Bag Compactors are offered in sizes that accommodate 50 to 80 bags, and 100 to 150 bags, depending on thickness.

All can be controlled from the Bag Dump Station's PLC or a dedicated controller for stand-alone operation.

Bag Dump System with Integral Bag Compactor and Flexible Screw Conveyor