FLEXI-DISC® Tubular Cable Conveyors

Material Outlets

Tubular Cable/Drag/Disc Conveyors Inline Tubular Discharge Valves
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Tubular Discharge Valve in open position.

Inline Tubular Discharge Valves

Inline Tubular Discharge Valves enable conveyor circuits to dispense material at one or multiple locations through round spouts for connection to a flexible downspout, or flanged outlets for connection to process or packaging equipment. Tubular Discharge Valves contain a U-shaped trough rotated by a pneumatic actuator, allowing complete material discharge at a mid-point of the conveyor, or total carry-over to a downstream outlet. With the trough in the downward (open) position, material discharges fully. Rotated 180° to the upward (fully closed) position, material is conveyed through the discharge valve.

Tubular Cable/Drag/Disc Conveyors Full-Flow Inline Discharge
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Full-Flow Inline Discharge serves as the final discharge point to evacuate the conveyor.

Full-Flow Inline Discharges

Full-Flow Inline Discharges are devoid of valves and actuators, providing an unrestricted, final discharge through a flexible downspout or a flanged outlet of process or packaging equipment. An air knife or disc ramp can be employed in Full-Flow Inline Discharges to dislodge material from the cable and discs.

Tubular Cable/Drag/Disc Conveyors Drive System with Optional Discharge Cone
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Drive System with Optional Discharge Cone can also serve as the final discharge point to evacuate the conveyor.

Drive Systems with Optional Discharge Cones

Drive System is available with an optional discharge cone (shown), which can serve as the only discharge point, or as the final discharge in lieu of a Full-Flow Discharge (shown at left).

Tubular Cable/Drag/Disc Conveyors Brush Boxes
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Brush Box dislodges residual material from cable and discs automatically.

Brush Boxes

Brush Boxes contain one or two (shown) pair of cylindrical brushes that converge at the centerline of the cable. Discs passing through the brush box deflect the stiff bristles, dislodging any residual material adhered to the cable and disc assembly.