Bag Dump System with Integral Bag Compactor and Flexible Screw Conveyor

This Bag Dump System from Flexicon collects dust generated during manual dumping and compaction of bags, and conveys bulk material downstream. The unit is intended to reduce material waste and eliminate the need to clean a remote dust collection site, while protecting workers and preventing plant contamination.

Pre-engineered, pre-wired and ready to plug in and run, the compact system integrates a receiving hopper, dust collector, bag compactor and flexible screw conveyor (also known as a helix conveyor, screw conveyor, spiral conveyor or auger conveyor) on a frame which streamlines installation and allows for easy relocation if required.

The bag-dump-station portion of the system collects dust generated during manual dumping and compaction of bags by means of a high velocity vacuum fan that draws dust away from the operator onto two cartridge filters. An automatic reverse-pulse filter cleaning system releases short blasts of compressed air inside the filters at timed intervals causing dust build-up on the outer surfaces to fall into the hopper. Filters are readily accessed by removing the interior baffle, and replaced rapidly using quick-disconnect fittings.

Vacuum created by the dust collector also serves to contain dust generated when the operator pushes empty bags from the dust hood, through an integral chute, into the bag compactor, and to vacuum dust created during bag compaction, conserving useable product while reducing the frequency and cost of trash disposal.

The fully enclosed, flexible screw conveyor handles free- and non-free-flowing bulk materials ranging from large pellets to sub-micron powders, including products that pack, cake, seize, smear, fluidize, break-apart or separate, with no separation of blended products.

The entire system, including the flexible screw conveyor, is available mounted on frames with boom and casters for in-plant mobility, and is constructed of stainless steel finished to food, dairy, pharmaceutical or industrial standards. Also offered are carbon steel units with durable industrial coatings. Hoppers are also available configured for connection to pneumatic conveyors or process equipment.

Self-contained Bag Dump System with dust collector, flexible screw conveyor and bag compactor, streamlines installation and allows easy relocation. The entire airtight system is under negative pressure, containing dust when bags are dumped, as well as when empty bags are pushed through the chute and compacted.