Bulk Bag Discharger with Dual Flexible Screw Conveyors

This Flexicon Bulk Bag Unloader with Dual Flexible Screw Conveyors feeds two downstream processes dust-free.

The BULK-OUT® BFF Series discharger features top-mounted receiving cups and a removable bag-lifting frame for forklift loading of bulk bags. Z-CLIP™ strap holders allow rapid, secure insertion and removal of bag straps from the lifting frame at floor level.

The bulk bag/hopper interface is comprised of a manual SPOUT-LOCK® clamp ring for high-integrity bag spout connections, and a pneumatically-actuated TELE-TUBE® telescoping tube that exerts continuous downward tension on the clamp ring and bag spout as the bag empties and elongates, promoting flow and evacuation.

Additional flow is afforded by FLOW-FLEXER® bag activators that raise and lower opposite, bottom sides of the bag at timed intervals into a steep "V" shape, and top-mounted POP-TOP™ extension devices that elongate the entire bag, promoting total discharge with no manual intervention.

The hopper is equipped with Dual Flexible Screw Conveyors that transfer free- and non-free-flowing bulk materials to downstream processes separately or simultaneously. The flexible screws are the only moving parts contacting material, and are driven beyond the point at which material is discharged, preventing material contact with seals.

The system is available in carbon steel with durable industrial coating, or stainless steel finished to industrial, food, dairy or pharmaceutical standards.

This Flexicon BULK-OUT® Bulk Bag Unloader promotes total discharge from bulk bags, as Dual Flexible Screw Conveyors feed downstream processes separately or simultaneously.