Hazardous Material Drum Dumper

This TIP-TITE® Drum Dumper transfers hazardous bulk material from small and large drums into downstream processing equipment or storage vessels automatically and dust-free, maximizing worker safety.

The unit accommodates drums up to 55 gallons (208 liter) measuring up to 36 in. (915 mm) in height, with an outside diameter up to 24 in. (610 mm) and weighing up to 750 lb (340 kg). A discharge cone adapter (shown) allows dumping of smaller drums measuring 20 in. (510 mm) in height and 15 in. (380 mm) in diameter.

The dumper is mounted on an elevated base frame to accommodate an integral powered roller conveyor matched to the elevation of plant roller conveyors.

It features dual hydraulic cylinders that work in tandem to raise and seat the container rim against the discharge cone, and then tip the container to an angle of 45, 60 or 90 degrees with a motion-dampening feature. At full rotation, the discharge cone seals against the inlet of the receiving vessel, creating a dust-tight connection and allowing controlled, dust-free discharge through a pneumatically-actuated slide gate valve.

An optional pneumatically-actuated vibrator on the discharge cone promotes complete evacuation of non-free-flowing materials.

Stainless steel material contact surfaces and galvanized carbon steel framework resist corrosive materials.

Flexicon TIP-TITE® Dumper discharges hazardous bulk materials from small drums automatically and dust-free, maximizing worker safety.