Flexicon Announces New Australian Subsidiary

Flexicon Corporation of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA has established a new, wholly owned Australian subsidiary named Flexicon Corporation (Australia) Pty Limited, it was announced by David Gill, president.

The dedicated Australian facility will manufacture Flexicon's entire line of bulk handling equipment, maintain a full range of spares in stock, and provide factory-direct field service.

"Local manufacturing will lower production costs and allow rapid shipments," says Gill, "and enable Flexicon to standardise designs and finishes that meet Australian requirements for industrial, food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications."

The company's other manufacturing plants are located in Kent, England; Port Elizabeth, South Africa; and the aforementioned Pennsylvania, USA.

The Australian subsidiary will engineer, manufacture and service Flexicon flexible screw conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems, FIBC unloaders, FIBC fillers, manual dumping stations, weigh batching systems, and custom engineered plant-wide systems integrated with new and existing processes.
According to Gill, the Australian engineering staff has extensive experience designing Flexicon equipment for the Australian market, and readily draws from the company's 22,000 worldwide installations to solve specific bulk handling problems.