Pneumatic Weigh Batching/Blending System

BETHLEHEM, PA — A new weigh batching and blending system for free-flowing bulk materials, pneumatically receives and weighs multiple bulk materials while blending previously weigh batches, shortening cycle times significantly, according to David Gill, president of Flexicon Corporation.

The filter receiver of the pneumatic conveying system is mounted on load cells, enabling the system controller to weigh each incoming material in
sequence by starting and stopping the pneumatic conveyor.

Accumulated ingredients comprising a batch are automatically discharged via slide gate valve into a ribbon blender, immediately after which a subsequent batching cycle can commence.

"Simultaneous weigh batching and blending with automated discharging of both operations can double the capacity of load-cell-mounted blenders also

serving as gain-in-weight receiving vessels," says Gill.

In addition to the filter receiver and weigh batching controls, pneumatic conveying systems are available complete with vacuum pump/pressure blower and rotary airlock valves for sourcing multiple batch ingredients from storage vessels and process equipment located throughout the plant.