Flexicon Granted Waiver as Supplier to Essential Industries

BETHLEHEM, PA — Flexicon Corporation has been granted a waiver by the State of Pennsylvania to continue operating during the COVID-19 outbreak due to its role in the supply chain for life-sustaining businesses, it was announced by David Gill, president.

"We successfully demonstrated that numerous Flexicon U.S. customers operate in essential industries, and rely on our equipment and parts to continue manufacturing vital products," explains Gill.

Flexicon customers producing essential products operate in the food, spice, beverage, pharmaceutical, soap/cleanser, paper, plastics/rubber and chemical industries.

"We remain in close contact with our supply chain to ensure prompt delivery of components needed to complete orders, and with our logistics partners to deliver those orders on time," says Gill.

The company is safeguarding the health of employees through facility sanitizing, limiting personal contact, and allowing employees who work primarily online to do so remotely.

Customers are urged to video conference in addition to email and phone.

Flexicon Granted Waiver as Supplier to Essential Industries
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Flexicon world headquarters, Bethlehem, PA