Simple or Sophisticated Batch Control

Flexicon gain-in-weight batching systems convey bulk ingredients mechanically or pneumatically from any location to a central receiving vessel which is mounted on load cells. The receiving vessel can be a hopper positioned above a blender, reactor, or other process equipment, or it can be the equipment itself.

When the batch sequence is initiated by a manual start button or automated signal, a programmable controller activates the first flexible screw conveyor or rotary airlock valve to begin loading the first ingredient into the receiving vessel at maximum feed rate.

Load cells transmit weight gain information to the controller which steps-down the feed rate to dribble prior to reaching the target weight, for greater accuracy. The controller stops the flexible screw conveyor or rotary airlock valve immediately before the target weight is reached to compensate for material-in-flight.

Whether you require loss-of-weight bulk bag weigh batching units or complete gain-in-weight batching systems, Flexicon offers the in-depth experience, the range of efficient products, and the technical field support you need for guaranteed weigh batching and blending results.

Gain-in-weight batching systems illustration
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Flexicon mechanical (top) and pneumatic (bottom) gain-in-weight batching systems can transport material from silos, manual dumping stations, process equipment, bulk bags, or any other source to a weight batching hopper, a blender, or other downstream equipment mounted on load cells.

Gain-in-Weight Batching System
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This Gain-in-Weight Batching System allows automated weighing of a major ingredient supplied in bulk bags, and a minor ingredient dumped manually. The central weigh hopper's load cells transmit weight gain information to a controller that starts and stops the conveyors to weigh each material in sequence, and actuates a slide gate valve to discharge the weighed batch.