Programmable Logic Controls Incorporate Data and Process Control Systems

Flexicon's advanced control systems maximize the performance of stand-alone bulk handling equipment and engineered systems, and communicate seamlessly with your upstream and downstream processes.

As a world leader in the bulk handling industry, Flexicon maintains exclusive partnership agreements with leading original equipment manufacturers of process control hardware and software. As a result, your equipment will benefit from state-of-the-art controls that deliver unsurpassed versatility and reliability, allowing you to improve the productivity, safety and cleanliness of your processing environment.

In addition, the comprehensive range of controls offered by Flexicon ensures that your controls package is perfectly matched to your equipment or process sequence-whether you are purchasing a basic conveyor or a sophisticated plant-wide system incorporated into your new or existing process.

As your single-source provider, Flexicon offers the extensive resources and process experience required to balance developmental costs and increase design flexibility, while assuming complete system responsibility.

More than hardware and software, Flexicon provides all of the ancillary services needed to ensure the successful operation of your controls-during start-up and throughout the life of your equipment:

  • Complete documentation:
    All program information is provided to you following installation, affording you the option of implementing changes on-site or through Flexicon
  • Security:
    A layered system of access codes enables you to protect proprietary information, while allowing others limited access to data required to perform routine applications
  • Backup:
    Detailed or essential commands can be backed up from remote locations, improving the safety of data storage while allowing rapid reprogramming in the event of an interruption of service due to power outages, severe weather or fire
  • System management:
    A Flexicon Programmable Logic Control System can manage the operation of numerous processing systems such as flow promotion devices, dust collectors and conveyors, regardless of the manufacturer or length of time the equipment has been in service
  • Online support:
    Adjustments that cannot be performed by your on-site personnel can typically be handled by a Flexicon engineer online. In the event the issue cannot be resolved online, all relevant information is downloaded to your Flexicon service technician, reducing troubleshooting time
  • Scalability:
    As your needs and/or your systems change, the Flexicon PLC can be fine-tuned or reprogrammed to meet processing line expansion, new equipment and new applications requirements
Programmable Logic Relays

Programmable Logic Relays

Plant personnel can download programs to start, stop, slow, speed-up, delay,
advance or cycle equipment functions.