PNEUMATI-CON® Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Material Intake Methods

Pressure and vacuum conveying systems commonly utilize rotary airlock valves to introduce material to the air stream. Hand-held wands and non-flow-through (flood-feed) pick-up adapters can be utilized with vacuum systems.

Rotary Airlock Valves with Flow-Through Pick-Up Adapters
(Pressure and vacuum systems)

Rotary airlock valves with flowthrough pick-up adapters can be utilized in pressure and vacuum systems for both controlled metering of material into the conveying system, and maintaining the pressure differential between the conveying system and ambient atmosphere.

Non-Flow-Through (Flood-Feed) Pick-Up Adapters
(Vacuum systems)

Material can be introduced into vacuum conveyor lines via non-flow-through (flood-feed) pick-up adapters, which are typically used at pick-up points where lower volumes of material are fed manually.

(Vacuum systems)

Hand-held pick-up wands plumbed to vacuum conveyor lines with flexible hose are used to vacuum material from Gaylords, drums, paper bags, barrels or other containers.

Material pick-up points, clockwise from top left, include hand-held pick-up wand, rotary airlock with flow-through adapter, non-flow-through pick-up adapter, and rotary airlock with flow-through pick-up adapter.