BEV-CON™ Conveyors move non-free-flowing materials

BEV-CON Conveyors move non-free-flowing materials

This high capacity BEV-CON™ conveyor is equipped with a highly-specialized flexible screw matched to material characteristics and other application requirements.

In addition to the attributes of other Flexicon Flexible Screw Conveyors, BEV-CON™ conveyors can move powder and bulk solid materials that tend to pack, cake, smear, plug, fluidize, separate, or are otherwise difficult-to-handle.

BEV-CON conveyors are also highly effective for handling fragile or brittle products that tend to break or crumble from the friction, crushing, grinding, pressure, or impact that can occur in other conveyors. Products ideally suited to the special capabilities of a BEV-CON conveyor range from sub-micron powders to large pellets and include:

    Titanium dioxide, carbon black, calcium carbonate, powdered lime, rubber, detergent powders and sulfur
  • FOODS:
    Cake mixes, soup mixes, gravy mixes, cocoa powder, cheese, candy, milk powder, dehydrated, frozen or raw vegetables, fruits and nuts
    Talc, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, clay, calcium carbonate, powder and finished bulk of all types
Moist, sticky materials
Friable materialsProducts that pack, cake, smear, or plug

Moist, sticky materials; Friable materials; Products that pack, cake, smear, or plug;

Hoppers that promote flow
Flexicon's High Flow Hopper, purpose-built for flexible screw conveyors, increases the flow of both free- and non-free-flowing bulk materials while eliminating or decreasing the amount of residual material in the hopper as well as the need for flow promotion devices.

The hopper is designed with a steep backwall and diametrically opposed sidewalls having panel sections which are skewed outward on a horizontal axis, forming a trapezoidal area. The divergent angles reduce the ability of non-free-flowing materials to establish a bridge between the hopper sidewalls, instead causing material to topple and flow toward and down the steep backwall.

The hopper walls converge to form a trapezoidal inlet to the conveyor interface adapter which also employs shear planes and vertical walls, to direct material into a rotating flexible screw more positively than with previous rectangular interface adapters.

The passive flow promotion attributes of the new hopper can eliminate the need for flow promotion devices such as vibrators and agitators.

The new configuration also increases usable hopper capacity by 5 to 19 percent, while reducing residual material in the hopper by 90 to 100 percent, depending on material flow characteristics.

Volumetric feeding
Flexicon flexible screw conveyors with volumetric feeding controls provide simultaneous metering and conveying of bulk solid products. The units are equipped with AC or DC variable speed drives and hoppers with flow promotion devices for continuous feeding of both free-and non-free-flowing materials.