Low Profile Filler Accommodates Bulk Bags, Drums

This Low-Profile, Combination Bulk Bag/Drum Filler from Flexicon allows filling of bulk bags and drums in low headroom areas.

When filling bulk bags, full-length forklifting tubes integral to the rear-post fill head allow incremental height adjustments secured with hitch pins to accommodate bags of all popular sizes, from 42 to 59 in. (1067 to 1499 mm) tall, and widths to 45 in. (1143 mm). The filler is equipped with an inflatable bag spout seal, a feed chute dust vent, and a low-profile densification deck that de-aerates material in bags weighing up to 2 tons (1.8 tonnes) as they are being filled.

A remote console or wall-mounted panel houses controls to automatically inflate the bag to remove creases, open a flow control valve or start a feed device, and stop the flow of material once a preset fill weight has been gained. The vibratory deck de-aerates and densifies material in the bag at preset set points to create a solid, stable bag, ready for shipment. Once bags are filled, the controller deflates the spout connection collar and releases the loop latches, enabling the operator to remove the palletized bag using a pallet jack or fork truck.

The unit can be switched to drum filling mode in several seconds by positioning the swing-arm-mounted drum-filling chute under the fill head discharge port. The attachment has an adaptable seal to handle drums measuring up to 22.5 in. (572 mm) in diameter and 35.5 in. (902 mm) in height. When filling one drum, initiating a filling cycle delivers a programmed weight of material to the drum. When filling two, three or four drums, the feed chute automatically indexes after each drum is filled, reducing operator involvement to initiating the cycle and removing the palletized drums using a pallet jack or fork truck.

The filler is constructed of carbon steel with stainless steel material contact surfaces, and is available in all-stainless steel finished to industrial, food, dairy or pharmaceutical standards, and with material delivery systems integrated with upstream process equipment or storage vessels.

Low-profile Combination Bulk Bag/Drum Filler from Flexicon allows filling of bulk bags or drums in limited headroom areas, and loading/unloading of pallets using a pallet jack.

In drum-filling mode, the feed chute can fill one drum (shown) by weight, or multiple drums by automatically indexing to successive drums after each is filled.