Bulk Bag Discharger with Hopper Shuttle System

This BULK-OUT® Bulk Bag Discharging Station from Flexicon Corporation prevents cross-contamination during material changeovers, while eliminating down-time associated with cleaning of hoppers. Beneficial for applications involving food allergens, pigments, flavorings and other contamination-sensitive materials, the discharger features a shuttle system that allows a hopper that has been used, to be exchanged for a clean, dry hopper in less than one minute.

Each hopper is equipped with a stainless steel rotary valve that meters material into process equipment positioned below the mezzanine. Once empty, a hopper can be rolled within two C-channels to either side of the central filling position for sanitizing offline. Integral support rails on the rotary valve allow the rotor assembly to separate from the valve body for cleaning of all material contact surfaces, and to close securely in seconds without the use of tools.

The hopper shuttle system can more than double productivity by allowing one hopper to be filled and discharged, while the other hopper and metering valve are cleaned.

The discharger portion of the dust-tight system employs a SPOUT-LOCK® clamp ring that secures the clean side of the bag spout against the clean side of the discharger. A TELE-TUBE® telescoping tube promotes material flow through the bag spout by maintaining constant downward tension on the clamp ring as the bag empties and elongates.

The assembly consisting of the clamp ring, telescoping tube and quick-release cone hopper lid, provides unobstructed access to all material contact surfaces for rapid cleaning during material changeovers.

Additional flow promotion is afforded by two FLOW-FLEXER® pneumatically actuated devices, one of which employs a pair of rams that presses opposing sides of the bag in increasing strokes as the bag decreases in width, and another that uses specially contoured plates that increasingly raise opposing bottom sides of the bag into a steep "V" shape as the bag lightens, promoting complete discharge.

Positioned above the clamp ring is a POWER-CINCHER® pneumatically actuated flow control valve that cinches the spout concentrically, allowing gradual release of material after untying the drawstring, and re-cinching of partially empty bags for leak-free tie-offs.

The model "BFC" discharger is distinguished by its cantilevered I-beam with electric hoist and trolley that allows raising and positioning of bulk bags without the use of a forklift.

To operate, the bag loops are connected to Z-CLIP™ bag strap holders on the unit's lifting frame at floor level, and the bag is raised into position using a pendant. The telescoping tube is raised pneumatically, allowing connection of the bag spout to the clamp ring using snap-action handles, and then released, relying on the weight of the assembly to maintain downward tension on the spout throughout the discharging process.

Construction is of carbon steel with durable industrial finish, with all material contact surfaces of stainless steel.

The hopper shuttle system of this BULK-OUT® Bulk Bag Discharging Station allows an emptied hopper to be rolled outside of the central filling position for cleaning and drying offline, while a second hopper is receiving material from a bulk bag and/or metering it into process equipment below the mezzanine.

Two types of FLOW-FLEXER® pneumatically actuated devices are employed to promote complete discharge: one with rams that press opposing sides of the bag, and the other with contoured plates that raise opposing bottom sides of the bag.

Caster-mounted, the cone hoppers can be rolled in C-channels to either side of the central filling position for cleaning offline, while another hopper is in use.

Hoppers discharge through stainless steel rotary valves equipped with support rails that allow the rotor assembly to separate from the valve body without tools for rapid for sanitizing.

Pneumatically actuated enhancements (top to bottom) include two types of FLOW-FLEXER® flow promotion devices, a POWER-CINCHER® flow control valve and a TELE-TUBE® telescoping tube with SPOUT-LOCK® clamp ring.