BULK-OUT® Bulk Bag Dischargers

Other Options

In addition to Bag Spout Interface Options, all BULK-OUT® Bulk Bag Dischargers are available with the following optional features:

Rotary airlock feeders
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Rotary Airlock Feeders

All BULK-OUT® Bulk Bag Dischargers are available with variable speed rotary air lock feeders for volumetric metering into positive- or negative-pressure pneumatic conveyor lines (shown), as well as with hoppers configured for connection to process equipment and mechanical conveyors including Flexicon flexible screw conveyors.


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FLOW-FLEXER® bag activators

FLOW-FLEXER® bag activators raise and lower bottom edges of the bag to direct material into the bag outlet spout and to raise the bag into a steep "V" shape to promote total evacuation.

Principle of operation of POP-TOP™ bag stretching devices (BFF models only) and FLOW-FLEXER® bag activators (available on all models)

FLOW-FLEXER bag activators

Poor-flowing, non-free-flowing and/or compacted materials will not fall through the bulk bag discharge spout consistently, often "rat-holing" or bridging as shown above.

FLOW-FLEXER bag activators

At timed intervals, FLOW-FLEXER® bag activators raise and lower opposite bottom edges of bulk bags, promoting material flow into the discharge spout.

FLOW-FLEXER bag activators

As the bag empties, the stroke of the FLOW-FLEXER® bag activators increases, raising the bottom of the bag into a steep "V" shape while POP-TOP™ extension devices stretch the bag into a cone shape, promoting complete discharge.

(On BFC models without POP-TOP™ bag stretching devices, the bag can be stretched in the same manner using the electric hoist, to promote complete discharge.)

Multi-Purpose intake chute and manual dumping station

The Multi-purpose Hood allows automatic discharging from bulk bags as well as manual emptying from sacks, drums and other containers. Available as an option on both BFC and BFF Series dischargers, it can operate with an optional dust collector to prevent contamination of the product and plant environment.

Raised platforms improve access and worker safety

Flexicon's line of access platforms provides level, stable and safe operator access to processing equipment and controls at various elevations.

Individual bulk bag weigh batching systems

All BULK-OUT® Bulk Bag Dischargers are available mounted on load cells, with controllers and flexible screw conveyors to accurately measure loss-of-weight as a batch is conveyed to any discharge point. Also available are gain-in-weight systems that measure weight discharged into a central receiving vessel, and start/stop each conveyor delivering materials from bulk bag dischargers, manual/dumping stations, silos, or any other material source.

Also see weigh batching systems.

Gain-in-Weight bulk bag weigh batching systems

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Flexicon Loss-of-Weight Batching Systems discharge one or more bulk bags while weighing the material and conveying the batch directly to a common hopper, blender, conveyor, shipping container, or process vessel automatically, accurately, and economically. This loss-of-weight system is mounted on load cells which transmit the amount of weight lost to a controller which, in turn, stops the conveyor once the target batch weight has been reached.

Loss-of-Weight bulk bag weigh batching systems

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The weigh batch filling head of this bulk bag gain-in-weight batching system can be cantilever-mounted (shown), or mounted remotely above any discharge point desired; the flexible screw conveyor can transport material at any angle to any nearby or distant plant location. Electric hoist and trolley model shown.

Options by model
BFC Series
(Cantilevered hoist & trolley)
BFF Series
(Forklift loading)
BFH Series
Rotary airlock valve for operation in-line with pneumatic conveyors checkmark checkmark checkmark
SPOUT-LOCK® clamp ring with TELE-TUBE® telescoping tube
(single or double wall)
checkmark checkmark checkmark
Conventional iris valve with intake chute/access door checkmark checkmark checkmark
Multi-purpose intake chute and manual dumping station checkmark checkmark checkmark
POWER-CINCHER® flow control valve
(only with SPOUT-LOCK® clamp ring and TELE-TUBE® telescoping tube, above)
checkmark checkmark checkmark
BAG-VAC® dust collector checkmark checkmark checkmark
FLOW-FLEXER® bag activators checkmark checkmark checkmark
POP-TOP™ bag extension devices checkmark
Stainless steel in industrial or sanitary finish checkmark checkmark checkmark
Designed for high sanitary/dairy applications checkmark checkmark checkmark
Floor hopper with outlet for mechanical or pneumatic conveyor process equipment or storage vessel checkmark checkmark checkmark
Flexible Screw Conveyor
(only with floor hopper, above)
checkmark checkmark checkmark
Weigh Batching Package checkmark checkmark